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Are You Like Afraid of the Dark?: Kissing Bench


Are You Like Afraid of the Dark?: Sticky Boobs

Jerk Magazine: Sorority President Responds to New York Times Article

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On October 28, The New York Times published an article titled “Greek Letters at Price.” Writer Risa C. Doherty weaved through the ins and outs of sorority life while simultaneously bashing the Greek system ­— claiming that sorority fees are off the wall and the time commitment is absurd. However, while “shedding light” on the Greek system, Ms. Doherty wound up discrediting the positive attributes of the Greek system — and let’s be real, there’s got to be some reason a whopping 20 percent of SU students hopped on the Greek wagon, beyond just having a social schedule.

Cameron Boardman, President of Alpha Phi’s chapter here on SU’s campus, was contacted by Ms. Doherty to give her two cents on Greek life. However after reviewing the final article, Cameron took to Facebook to announce how Ms. Doherty “deceivingly cherry-picked phrases” to present a one-sided article.
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Jerk Magazine: The Brains Behind an Everything-Bagel Instagram

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It’s 11:23 a.m. on Friday morning and your head is throbbing. Sure last night was fun, but this hangover — not so much. All you need in this life of sin is a bacon, egg, and way-too-cheesy-for-its-own-good bagel. After all, a bagel a day keeps the hangover away.

But with so many bagel options out there, where do you turn? Simply pull up@everything_bagels on Instagram for some delectable food-spiration and your bagel senses will be tingling in no time.

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Jerk Magazine: On the Road to Sock-cess: Willy Landsberg of @Sockcessful

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While betches are busy instagramming every last morsel of their meals, Willy Landsberg is taking his Instagram account to the next level. Enter Sockcessful, aka a shrine of “Your Wifey’s Favorite Socks.” Oh yes, this is a real thing.

Landsberg, founder of Sockcessful, came down with a case of complete and utter boredom while at his internship this past summer. He wanted to do something to help pass the time and he soon realized how he was slowly, but surely, getting really into his socks. “I was talking to my friends about girls with food Instagrams, and one of my friends mentioned socks.” And voilà, Sockcessful was born.

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Jerk Magazine: Do You Know the Hot Dog Man?

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Don’t you hate that awkward 20-minute layover in between classes? There’s no point in heading back to your apartment. It’s a waste to even attempt to try to knock out some homework in Bird. And Starbucks? The line’s unbearable as always. So what’s the best way to kill time? Eating a hot dog, obviously.

Alex Hodgkinson has rolled Pinocchio’s Push Cart onto campus right across the street from Bird Library. When Hodgkinson’s not on the field as the Syracuse Football kicker, he’s whipping up gourmet hot dogs and sausages. Yes you read that right, gourmet hot dogs.

Don’t worry, he’s not exactly belting on the corner of Walnut, “Ask me about my Wiener?” But he’s sure hoping you will. And why wouldn’t you? Despite how Alex’s received more than enough inappropriate commentary about his hot dog operation — “Can I taste your meat?” — Pinocchio’s Push Cart is off to a solid start.

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Hollywood Journal: I bleed ‘True Blood’

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True Blood has received a pretty vulgar nickname. Due to its intense sex scenes and skin-ripping, fang-bearing violence, it’s rightfully coined as “vampire porn”. Well, that’s the exact reason my parents demanded I stop tuning in to the HBO series every Sunday evening.

It was 2008 and I was at the ripe age of 15. I completely understand where they were coming from in retrospect, but at the time, I couldn’t imagine a Sunday evening not spent in Bon Temps, Louisiana with Vampire Bill and Sookie Stackhouse.

I’ve always been the “goody goody” in the family. While my brother complains every Wednesday when he has to drag the trash can to the end of the driveway – sorry, Dan, I had to call you out – I never really complain about clearing the dinner table. But with True Blood on the line, no way was I going to let this go.

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Jerk Magazine: Music & Arts – Childhood Misconceptions

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