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Truebies, this is it… the end is here. We have to impatiently wait until next summer before we can sink our teeth into next season of True Blood. So, grab a hefty box of kleenex to wipe your blood-stained tears away. Waiting sucks as much as being staked in the heart, right? Okay, well ALMOST as much!

But before we say goodbye to our vamp-pals and fairy gals down in Bon Temps, let’s chat about this last episode’s gory antics.

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Truebies, it’s time to face the disturbing fact that there is only one more episode left of this season. As much as it’s a downer to picture future dark, dark days absent of True Blood amazingness, we must try our best to put those horrible images aside as we get ready for the upcoming season six finale.

But before we get our blood pumping at the thought of next week’s ill-fated, heart-breaking finale, let’s go over some of the crazy shenanigans that seized the screen in this week’s episode. And thankfully, the minds behind True Blood kept this episode plain and simple, focusing this episode on two main storylines: pairing Terry’s heartfelt funeral with the contrasting chaos at vamp-camp. There was not much Warlow chaos and there was no unwanted werewolf/shifter drama. Phew!  Continue reading ‘True Blood’ Recap: ‘Dead Meat’ (Season 6, Episode 8)

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True Blood, Season 6

The beginning of August brings blood-stained tears to our eyes. Yes, it’s a bummer that summer’s coming to a close way too soon, but we’re mostly saddened that the end of True Blood is near. Can you believe we’re only two episodes away from the sixth season finale? This season flew by almost as fast as it took Bill to behead Governor Burrell.

But we don’t have to bid farewell to this season of True Blood quite yet! We still have a hell of a lot of drama going down in Bon Temps! So, let’s clear up some of the gory and bloody bits that this week’s episode bombarded us with.

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True Blood, Season 6

I know it’s been hard to quench your thirst all this week considering your Tru Blood stash was laced with Hepatitis V, but fear not because this week’s episode of True Blood satiated your bloody appetites.

Yes, it’s a total bummer that two characters didn’t return to our screen this week since we had to say goodbye to Terry and Governor Burrell last episode–not that we minded saying adios to Burrell at all whatsoever. But at least this week not only served up a few sex scenes, but also… drumroll please… another lead character’s death! So read on for all the deets on the bloody bits True Blood  delivered!

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True Blood, episode 66, season 6, episode 6

After witnessing Sookie drown last Sunday evening, we knew that this week’s episode would be soaked in shear chaos. And True Blood did not disappoint. We watched Bill walk in the light, indulged in a much-needed sex scene, and even bid farewell to two lead characters. Yeah, it was pretty epic to say the least.

Now that you’re all revved up, it’s time to delve into all the bloody bits that True Blood served up.

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As written for last week’s insanely badass ending of True Blood, we know you couldn’t wait to watch Sookie terrorize Warlow with her lethal fairy-ball. And the latest True Blood episode, ‘F**k the Pain Away,’ brought all the pizzazz you Sooklow shippers – we definitely need to come up with a better celebrity couple name for Sookie and Warlow – have been craving.

So pop out your fangs and get ready to sink ’em into all the blood-soaked details from this week’s suspensefully awesome episode.

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As patriotic as it is to get decked out in red, white and blue over this flag-waving Independence Day weekend, we know there’s only one color you actually care about: red. Red as in blood. As in vampire blood. As in the vampire blood that drenches your TV screen as you watch True Blood. Yeah, you get it.

Well, last night’s episode “At Last” had a whole lot of blood to go around: fairy blood, vampire blood, human blood — you name the blood type, True Blood  has the perfect match for you. Now that your heart’s pumping perfectly, let’s immerse ourselves in the bloody details from this week’s fang-bearing and fairy-blasting episode.

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After last week’s insanity-filled episode of True Blood, it was hard to hold back our fangs while faced with a week of complete and utter blood-deprivation.

With so much sexual tension already on the rise this season, I’m sure you could barely wait to indulge in a bubbly-bloodbath in honor of episode three. Well, Sunday evening soaked our television in blissful gore and now it’s time for you V addicts to relapse once more as we discuss the bloody little deets from last night’s horrifingly-epic episode, “You’re No Good”!

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Although endless hilarity ensues during the new comedy The Heat, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, the real laughs — and some nearly lethal incidents — took place off screen during the making of Paul Feig’s film. We know McCarthy’s a jokester all right, but who knew she had hands of a surgeon too? Well, she had no clue until she was forced to save her partner in crime’s life. Mhm!

At the press conference in the adventurous laugher, McCarthy, who plays police officer Mullins, revealed a hilarious moment on set when her costar Bullock slammed her head face down on a bar and lodged a peanut up her nostril… strictly for comedic purposes, of course. Bullock specified, “Not just any peanut. A salted peanut!”

McCarthy chimed in on the fearsome moment: “So the danger factor went way up! And she put it so far up … at one moment in the scene, I thought ‘What’s happening? I have something shoved up Sandy Bullock’s nose!? Just don’t hurt her!'”

The actress continued, “And then I thought [that] she didn’t really do it. ‘That’s too weird and gross.’ Because I was up [her nose] a good ways, and there was nothing. And then I saw something… it still makes me nervous to talk about because it was so insane, she could put it up like this far. Listen, she’s got tricks!” But of course, the danger: “Then it got serious, because I thought, ‘I gotta get that thing out of there!’ And I don’t know why I would think that’s on me, medically, to do that. And then I really got in there.”

Now that’s a quality way to bond with a costar, and probably chemistry onscreen seems so real. Once you shove something up another actor’s nose, a heartfelt kinship blossoms.

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Riding on the success of Bridesmaids, director Paul Feig decided to keep his focus on showcasing the often underappreciated comic sensibilities of women, rounding up the hit comedy’s breakout star Melissa McCarthy and big screen vet Sandra Bullock for his upcoming buddy cop flick The Heat. If a troop of hilarious women can reel in mad dollars as an incompetent wedding party, why not as a pair of off-kilter police officers?

I caught up with Feig, who has big plans for launching female comics into the forefront of the entertainment world — a plan he has carried out with Bridesmaids and his Lindsay-driven Freaks and Geeks. Feig explains that it was the appeal of affixing the traditionally male-focused police officer trope on two ladies that drew him into The Heat… that and the oddly compelling original billing for the film, “The Untitled Female Buddy Cop Comedy.” Feig reveals, “I really wanted to keep that tone of comedy of having strong women in the lead roles. And I’ve always wanted to do an action comedy, so it was literally everything on my plate I wanted to do all in one.”

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