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Tilt | TV Series Trailer

I produced and directed the trailer for Tilt, a six episode television series I worked on for my advanced television production capstone at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications.

A City Reborn: Berlin, Germany


My mother’s a worrywart, as most mothers– and specifically overbearing Jewish mothers– are. She was more than concerned when I packed up my bags and headed off from my college town of Syracuse University to study in Madrid, where I’ve spent the past four months living with a Spanish family and traveling throughout Europe on the weekends. So you can’t imagine her reaction when I asked for some money to buy a flight to travel to the historic city of Berlin for a weekend with my friends. Flashbacks of my mother’s own experience traveling to Germany in the ‘80s clogged her mind. Since I first made the decision to spend the semester overseas, my mom forewarned me with the scary story of when she made the impromptu, naive choice to stay an extra night alone in Munich after Oktoberfest with a German boy she had just met. Over dinner, the man proclaimed his hatred of Jews and my mom tells the story as if he grew a Hitler mustache right before her eyes as she sunk in her seat fearing for her life.

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