Inside Look | Allie Chernick Photography

Here’s an inside look at photographer Allie Chernick while on set.

Tilt | Advanced Television Production Capstone at Syracuse University

For my senior capstone as a Television, Radio and Film major at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications, I wrote and produced a six-episode television series called Tilt. 

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Tilt | TV Series Trailer

I produced and directed the trailer for Tilt, a six episode television series I worked on for my advanced television production capstone at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications.

Truth or Trumped | Jerk Magazine

I produced for Jerk Magazine a segment called Jerk on the Street where we questioned Syracuse University students about the accuracy of Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s fun-filled tweets.


Alpha Phi Recruitment Video 2016

I produced, directed and helped edit the recruitment video for my sorority, the Alpha Chapter of Alpha Phi.

Sailing | British Virgin Islands

Here’s a look at my travels as I sailed throughout the British Virgin Islands for a week.

Brighten Up Your Day with this New App

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brightenIn the wake of the Essena O’Neill Instagram scandal and an on-campus arrest for a threatening  Yik Yak post, social media seems to be the newest breeding ground for negativity. I thought all hope was lost– I even did a social media cleanse for a week to rid myself of what I thought was a toxin… but then Brighten came along and restored my faith in digital media. The new app lets you send your friends anonymous compliments to brighten their days and yours too (a.k.a. it’s a ray of sunshine that you need in your life).

When CEO and Founder Austin Kevitch realized social media needed a reality check, he introduced Brighten to the world and revamped social media as we know it. After Austin’s friend Oliver passed away in a rock climbing accident in March of 2013, he watched several of Oliver’s friends take to Facebook to share uplifting memories– Austin only wished Oliver could see it himself.

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Don’t Miss The Fuck Cancer Event at DJ’s On The Hill, TONIGHT at 10 p.m.


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Whatever your current boozeday Tuesday night plans are– cancel them ASAP. Tonight, pull a freshman and head to DJ’s for a change in honor of Syracuse’s first annual Fuck Cancer event. With one hand holding a ‘Cuse juice and the other giving cancer the middle finger, you’re bound to have a great night.

After sophomore Claire Greenbaum’s mother passed away in 2010 after battling Ovarian cancer, her family wanted to do something to give back to the cancer community as a whole. Since her mom always loved a good party, Greenbaum and her family thought what better way to celebrate her mother’s life than throwing a party in her honor. What started as a small party in downtown Montreal with 300 people escalated to Fuck Cancer parties all over Canada and the U.S.. Fuck Cancer has thrown shindigs in LA, NYC, and Miami.

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Jerk Magazine: HBO Now Halloween Party @ Chuck’s

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Courtesy of HBO Now

Courtesy of HBO

Rather than spending Saturday Night of Halloween bopping around to house parties on Euclid or trying to snatch a wristband to an open Frat party, why not change it up this time around? Chuck’s is hosting the ultimate Halloween bash on the spookiest night of the year. HBO is taking over Chuck’s– yes, you read that right.

Don’t think for a second this will be your typical Saturday night at Chuck’s…. HBO announced that the legit Iron Throne from Game of Thrones will be there for Jon Snow fans to take a picture on. Not only will you have the chance to take your rightful place on the throne, the whole venue will be decorated like your favorite HBO shows to create the right Halloween vibes. Just a casual step up from your average night at Chuck’s…

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A City Reborn: Berlin, Germany


My mother’s a worrywart, as most mothers– and specifically overbearing Jewish mothers– are. She was more than concerned when I packed up my bags and headed off from my college town of Syracuse University to study in Madrid, where I’ve spent the past four months living with a Spanish family and traveling throughout Europe on the weekends. So you can’t imagine her reaction when I asked for some money to buy a flight to travel to the historic city of Berlin for a weekend with my friends. Flashbacks of my mother’s own experience traveling to Germany in the ‘80s clogged her mind. Since I first made the decision to spend the semester overseas, my mom forewarned me with the scary story of when she made the impromptu, naive choice to stay an extra night alone in Munich after Oktoberfest with a German boy she had just met. Over dinner, the man proclaimed his hatred of Jews and my mom tells the story as if he grew a Hitler mustache right before her eyes as she sunk in her seat fearing for her life.

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